Private or professionnel, Cloud Computing has considerably changed our IT consumption habits.

This evolution first took place at the personal level, and then emerged in the world of startups. These young companies chose the cloud for several reasons: agility, freedom and “pay-as-you-go”.

The Cloud offers the freedom to slow down or increase the capacity of your infrastructure almost instantly and to consume according to your actual usage.

Cloud Computing is neither an epiphenomenon nor a "Fast Fashion ICT", but a reality in all new IT projects. SIMAC PSF, a traditional ICT integrator for more than 20 years, has always been able to adapt to the evolutions of an IT market and offers a Cloud Operator service in its portfolio of solutions.

The Cloud Operator's role is to integrate and secure resources from a major public Cloud Provider (AWS, Microsoft, Google...) in an On-Premises environment and to manage them according to ICT best practices.

With SIMAC PSF, adopt Cloud Computing technologies with confidence. The agreement of our regulator and our certified Cloud Officers give you the peace of mind you need.

SIMAC PSF can also support you in the best of On-Premises and/or Multi-Cloud worlds with the hybridization of resources and ICT infrastructures.


Our ambition is to accompany and advise you in your IT projects at the best quality/price ratio.

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