Systems integration is a profession

Technology is constantly evolving. So are business models, and the two are often linked. Correct operation, mastery and security of IT tools are absolutely vital for organisations and companies to function properly. Efficiency is a necessity. Technical quality is a promise.

At Simac PSF, we want to give our clients peace of mind about their IT so that they can concentrate on their core business. Our role is to integrate the innovative solutions that are best suited to our clients' needs harmoniously and efficiently, understanding that every company and every organisation is unique.

We also offer a high-quality, high-availability support service, because our clients' IT provision must never be interrupted.

Our specialisations cover many of our clients' needs:

  • Infrastructure (cabling and data centre)
  • Network integration
  • Systems and storage integration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Consultancy and needs analysis, tailored advice, IT security

Our qualities, our values

Our very strong availability, flexibility and responsiveness are core values. These also include rigour, loyalty, fidelity and authenticity. Finally, we see our clients as partners with whom teamwork is fundamental. Trust over the long term plays a vital role.

Our approach involves offering high-quality technical solutions that suit our clients' specific needs. For Simac PSF, which has expertise throughout the IT chain, the deliberately low number of manufacturers in its portfolio guarantees a high level of skill among its teams for each of its supplier partners – and thus a high level of service for its clients.


Simac PSF has been awarded certification by a number of different manufacturers.

PSF, the highest standards

Simac is a support PSF (professional in the finance sector) since 2006, with approval to work with companies in the finance sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg under article 29-3 (primary operator or "OSIP") of the amended finance sector act of April,5 1993, and the amended finance sector act of July,21 2021.

Simac PSF meets the criteria of the CSSF (the finance sector monitoring commission) by ensuring a very high level of expertise and internal control. PSF status is essential to provide services to financial institutions.

This approval also certifies high standards in all business sectors. And all our clients benefit from this high-level guarantee of standards.

One name, one story, multiple talents

Simac was founded in Luxembourg in 1997. It is a subsidiary of the Simac group, a European IT services group based in the Netherlands, founded in 1971 and employing over 1,300 people.

Simac PSF is now a company recognised in the Grand Duchy, working actively with over 150 clients every year in many business sectors.

However, Simac PSF remains an SME on a human scale. The palette of talents deployed by the company and its staff enable it to work equally well with major corporations seeking an agile, specialist supplier and with dynamic SMEs that want to concentrate on their core business, with technology helping them advance towards success.