Security must obviously be an integral part of network and system infrastructure. Simac PSF, a trusted partner, makes it a priority. This does not involve being content with predefined schemas, but rather implementing à la carte preventive solutions, following an analysis of the needs and risks.

IT systems are vulnerable to attempts at intrusion and attacks can come from both outside and inside organisations.

Simac PSF has technical skills and dedicated teams to ensure systems are properly defended. As a full-service integrator, Simac PSF can also deploy the resources needed to secure your infrastructure, including setting up firewalls or triggering alerts when intrusion attempts are detected. With a presence throughout the chain, Simac PSF can also ensure the security of connected mobile equipment (tablets, smartphones etc.).

In concrete terms, Simac PSF guarantees the security of traffic within the architecture and the network. Measures are also taken upstream to secure content (anti-spamauthentification, authentication, remote access solution, antivirus and anti-malware, cryptography, …) and ensure good corporate governance.

Simac PSF also supports its clients in conducting internal assessment. This predictive evaluation of vulnerabilities is customised, to take account of the client's context, needs and expectations.

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